Kinetik Marketing : the candystore™ & persona™

Promotional Items

Promotional Items

Please see below our two flavours of Promotional Items on offer.
1. General Promotional Items from The CandyStore™
2. Personalised Promotional Items from our Persona™ Service

CANDYSTORE™ - Promotional Items

We source Promotional Items from pens, to bags, to gifts, you name it. Please visit The CandyStore™ to browse the complete catalogue, save the name of the item, POP us an email about what you're interested in and we can start the quoting process.

PERSONA™ - Personalised Promotional Items

We also source Personalised Promotional Items for those high-value customers you want to impress and incorporate their name on your Promotional Item. Think about it - people don't throw away their names.

You know the 4 P's of Marketing: Product, Price, Place & Promotion. The first 3 is on you. Let us take care of number 4 for you.